NECTA Organic Mable Water

NECTA – Organic Maple Water

100% pure maple water tapped from the tree


Enjoy the basis from which maple syrup is made – in its natural form!

Maple Water is traditionally processed into maple water. You can also drink it in its natural form, just like Birch Water – which has been enjoyed for generations in Northern and Eastern Europe.
Native Americans harvested maple water long ago, drinking the sap fresh and producing maple syrup. In recent years, maple water is being offered as a natural beverage in North America – and now also in Europe.
Maple Water is very popular in Canada as a refreshing natural drink that is ideal for rehydrating the body during and after sports.

  • Organic Maple Water – nothing added

  • Not from concentrate

  • From wild harvests in Canada

  • Only 10 kcal per 100ml

  • Highest quality guaranteed by NAPSI certification

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Our trade with organic products is certified by AT-BIO-301