About us

About us

BELORGANIC was founded in 2014 by Natalia Schindler, who grew up in Northeast Europe and East Asia. As a child, she regularly drank fresh birch water in the Spring and learned to love the benefits of this traditional natural drink. During her childhood, Natalia often participated in the wild harvests in the forests and eventually decided to realize her dream to bring the tradition and knowledge of this valuable gift of nature to Central Europe – and eventually to North America.

BELORGANIC was the first company to offer Organic Birch Water to Central Europe containing more than 97% real birch sap. We regularly invest in quality controls, inspecting all the steps of producing our birch waters – from the harvest to the delivery of the final product to the stores.

»Tree water is our passion.
We regularly re-invent our products, providing our customers with the most innovative natural products of the highest quality, at the best price.«

Photo: Maxilmilian Rosenberger

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