Organic Rye Sticks



  • no palm oil

  • with Himalaya salt

  • rich in fibers

  • rich in minerals

  • highly satiating

  • supports digestion

Rich in Fiber

NATUR whole grain rye sticks have high levels of plant-based dietary fiber, and have fewer calories than traditional sticks based on wheat flour.

Highly Satiating

The high content of water-soluble fiber in rye flour increases the viscosity of the dough, thereby making the rye sticks especially filling. NATUR whole grain rye sticks therefore provide an ideal contribution to a balanced diet.

Supports digestion

Due to the properties of the fibers in the whole grain rye flour, NATUR whole grain rye sticks support the digestion process.

No palm oil

We use non-hydrogenated organic coconut oil – and no palm oil.

Rich in Minerals

NATUR whole grain organic rye sticks are rich in minerals:

Minerals mg per 100g
(% NRV*)
mg per 45g
(% NRV*)
Potassium (K) 497mg (24,8%) 223,6mg (11,2%)
Calcium (Ca) 142mg (17,7%) 63,9mg (8%)
Magnesium (Mg) 92mg (24, 7%) 41.6mg (11.1%)

Iron (Fe) 2.4mg (17.5%)

1.1mg (7.9%)

Zinc (Zn)

29.4mg (294%)

13.2mg (132%)

Manganese (Mn)

2.7mg (135%)

1.2mg (60.7%)

* Nutrient Reference Value according to the EU regulation on food information.

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